Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy 1st day of Spring!!!!

Hey my Luvs,

Winter is officially over although we are being threatened with .......... the "S" word. I can't say it because then we just may get it. So I figured since today is the first day of Spring I thought it would only be appropriate to post a little piece of sunshine to brighten everyone's day. A couple days ago I told you about the first dress that was first but then became the second because it wouldn't act right for me to wear to the second wedding of the summer for me well this is it. Did you get all that?

Pattern: Butterick 5317
Fabric: Lemon yellow linen

This is the perfect spring dress and can be worn in a couple different ways. During this time of the year you can throw on a sweater and some cute little peep toed shoes and go to church. It could also be a cute 1st date dress. You know for those of you who want to act like you're innocent and it's just not time to unleash what you really look like on a daily basis to your prospective mate. It's ok I understand lol. For me if I were just wearing it on a casual day I'd probably wear it with some flat orange or green sandals and go on about my business. But have fun with your clothes I'm learning how to do this as we speak.

Alright well that's all folks. The weekend is almost here and I've got a couple days to get some sewing done. Next week I'll have some more new posts for you. So make sure you come back and visit me here or on Facebook. Until next time........

Shari Belle


  1. I love the yellow it looks so Spring like.. I have a yellow set on my cutting table now..

  2. Super cute Shari. I looove the fact that you installed pockets. I need a good 3 of these on rotation this summer girl. Great job hun!