Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring is here but it has not sprung!

Morning Luvs,

Am I the only person who's not convinced that Spring is not here although the first day of spring was six days ago? I need some beautiful spring weather. Now I'm in Philadelphia and they are predicting today and tomorrow to be in the 30's and 40's but it will be in the 60's by Friday and raining all weekend. We just can't catch a break now can we? Anyway I hope you all are staying warm if you're in the cold and if you're in warm weather well good for you.

I have been working so diligently sewing new items but I still have tons of stuff already made that some of you have not seen. The McCalls 6700 pattern is one of the most popular dresses I've made. It's made of this soft thin knit fabric called "Quiana". It's absolutely perfect for the spring and summer. I love the flow of this dress it drapes on you as smoothly as a silk glove sliding up your hand.

I have to give another shout out to one of my clients EB Brown. I made her two skirts to wear during her birthday weekend and she worked those skirts. If you haven't seen them you can visit my page She Sew Shari on Facebook to check them out. Until next time......

Shari Belle

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  1. Alright I see you sew Sistah! Beautiful just Beautiful!