Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 3: A Violet Maxi

Good Evening,

The night before last I decided at 10:30 I was going to make a new dress for yesterday. That sounds so confusing doesn't it. I know this was supposed to be yesterday's post but that never happened. One day I'm gonna stop making decisions to do this. That is probably unlikely to happen but hey what's done is done right? So today I bring you my violet maxi dress.

It is a self drafted maxi dress created by a fellow blogger. It's made out of a purple jersey knit. I really like the drape but I need to fix a few things on it. I think I'm gonna tighten the elastic for a better fit around the waist. The bottom definitely needs to be cut about an inch or so but other than that it's perfect.

As always I'd like to hear what you think.

Ok last one and I know it's a bit blurry but I wanted to end this post with a hardy laugh.

Shari Belle

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello June, I've missed you guys!

Hey My Luvs,

I've really missed you all. I hope you've missed me as well. If you didn't know June is two things National Craft Month and Black Music Month both of which I love a whole lot! Since we're celebrating I wanted to give you 30 days of crafts and music. So I'll do my best to post everyday except the weekend but I'll have two items on a couple days so that it will still add up to 30. Let's see if I can keep up with myself this month. So let's start the month off with none of than Pharrell's "Happy". I just love that song.

"Because I'm HAPPY...Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I'm HAPPY...Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I'm HAPPY...Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I'm HAPPY...Clap along if you feel like that's what you want to do

Bring me down Can't nothing bring me down (happy, happy, happy, happy)
Your love is to high to bring me down
Happy, happy, happy, happy....Happy, happy, happy, happy.......Happy, happy, happy, happy..........."

I have a special love for jumpsuits so of course I would start this month out with my nothing else but a jumpsuit. Over the weekend I wore it to a graduation BBQ I got so many compliments. Not to mention it was the Sew-a-long pattern for the month of May for my sewing group "Needles and Fashion". The person who got the most likes on their outfit wins two patterns and a t-shirt compliments of the groups creator, Jenese Johnson. Woop woop myself and another young lady won! I felt so special. If you are a seamstress or aspire to sew you should join our group. We have the best time in that group and all of the seasoned seamstresses there are extrenely helpful. Ok there is my plug. Anyway this jumpsuit is so cute and super simple to make. It is Simplicity 1355 and made out of a printed challis. I plan on making it again this week but in the shorts instead.

This is my
OOTD: T-shirt and color-blocked pencil skirt. My skirt was self-drafted. That was really tedious but not at all difficult. This is the perfect I don't really feel like trying to find anything to wear to work outfit. I plan on making a couple more of these skirts but I think I'll change the fabric. I kind of knew I wasn't going to like the fabric but sometimes I'm just too anxioius for my own good.

Let me know what you all think. I'd love to hear from you. Ughhh its time to get a professional to take my flicks because this is just not working anymore.

Shari Belle

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring is here but it has not sprung!

Morning Luvs,

Am I the only person who's not convinced that Spring is not here although the first day of spring was six days ago? I need some beautiful spring weather. Now I'm in Philadelphia and they are predicting today and tomorrow to be in the 30's and 40's but it will be in the 60's by Friday and raining all weekend. We just can't catch a break now can we? Anyway I hope you all are staying warm if you're in the cold and if you're in warm weather well good for you.

I have been working so diligently sewing new items but I still have tons of stuff already made that some of you have not seen. The McCalls 6700 pattern is one of the most popular dresses I've made. It's made of this soft thin knit fabric called "Quiana". It's absolutely perfect for the spring and summer. I love the flow of this dress it drapes on you as smoothly as a silk glove sliding up your hand.

I have to give another shout out to one of my clients EB Brown. I made her two skirts to wear during her birthday weekend and she worked those skirts. If you haven't seen them you can visit my page She Sew Shari on Facebook to check them out. Until next time......

Shari Belle

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy 1st day of Spring!!!!

Hey my Luvs,

Winter is officially over although we are being threatened with .......... the "S" word. I can't say it because then we just may get it. So I figured since today is the first day of Spring I thought it would only be appropriate to post a little piece of sunshine to brighten everyone's day. A couple days ago I told you about the first dress that was first but then became the second because it wouldn't act right for me to wear to the second wedding of the summer for me well this is it. Did you get all that?

Pattern: Butterick 5317
Fabric: Lemon yellow linen

This is the perfect spring dress and can be worn in a couple different ways. During this time of the year you can throw on a sweater and some cute little peep toed shoes and go to church. It could also be a cute 1st date dress. You know for those of you who want to act like you're innocent and it's just not time to unleash what you really look like on a daily basis to your prospective mate. It's ok I understand lol. For me if I were just wearing it on a casual day I'd probably wear it with some flat orange or green sandals and go on about my business. But have fun with your clothes I'm learning how to do this as we speak.

Alright well that's all folks. The weekend is almost here and I've got a couple days to get some sewing done. Next week I'll have some more new posts for you. So make sure you come back and visit me here or on Facebook. Until next time........

Shari Belle

Monday, March 17, 2014

The dress that started all the commotion!

OH EMMMMM GEEEEEE YOU ALL ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. In just 3 short days I have hit 102 likes on FACEBOOK. Thank you all so very much, I am really feeling the love.

So many of my friends have already seen this dress but I feel like I'm still telling a story so I figured I'd start from the beginning and work my way up.

This is the second dress I worked on last year when I started sewing again. I had three weddings to go to last year and this was dress number two but actually number 1. I had been posting little things on Facebook and everyone was anticipating the outcome. Boy I was really feeling the pressure (not really but I want you to feel the building anticipation). It was one hour before the wedding and the dress I was originally working on was just doing THE MOST. It was a simple dress but I couldn't get the pleats right. I had to take it apart put it back together and I was getting so frustrated. Finally I decided oh well I have this other dress which should be pretty simple I just have to do this small little alteration and I'll wear that. I was so mad because I didn't want to wear it. I wanted to wear the dress I was making. It is literally now 20 mins before the wedding and I am still sewing. But I got it done.

I was late for the wedding of course just a few minutes. I missed the bridesmaids and I was like shoot I'm gonna miss her coming down the aisle. But I walked in the church and I hear OMG you finished it I love it. It was the bride!!!! She stopped to tell me she loved my dress. That may not be a big deal for some but it was for me because that was her day and after all your hard work you always want to hear people tell you they like your work.

Ok so I know you're tired of my rambling so here you go. I hope you all like it as well.

Here I used pattern New Look 6123 View C no sleeve. The dress was fairly easy to make. The only thing I didn't do was add the zipper required because I used an ITY fabric which was super stretchy so the zipper was unnecessary.

Shari Belle

Friday, March 14, 2014

Welcome! A girl just wanna have fun

Hey Luvs,

Well after much procrastination I finally did it, I finally started this blog. Sewing is one of my many talents but have recently found it to be a major passion of mine so let me tell you how it all started. I first started sewing when I was 16 and in high school. I went to private school and we used to go to an annual competition for the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program available through our school. We were most known for music but they make you pick another category aside from music to even out the score I guess. I figured well everyone in my family sews why don't I take a stab at this and I would have won except I was supposed to have three pieces and they claimed they couldn't find me to get the third piece. To bad we didn't have cell phone then. However, when they finally found our group leader (my aunt) they raved about how much they loved my dress and jacket but I had been disqualified because that third piece was missing.

Fast forward to 2013:

So what had happened was I was perusing through Pinterest a little over a year ago and I saw this cute little woman who made her own clothes. She reminded me so much of myself just a shorter version. But I said to myself I sew miss sewing I hadn't sewn a garment in 10 years. She inspired me so much that I dusted off my sewing machine that I hadn't used in literally 10 years and I went to work. Now here I am a year later and I haven't stopped yet and I don't plan on it anytime soon. I love what I do so much and I'm even more happy that I can take what I love to do and inspire someone else to do the same thing.

I used Vogue pattern 8898 here. This pattern was super easy. It was literally 6 pieces. I used a lightweight jersey which I didn't really like too much so I'll definitely make the dress again out of something a little bit heavier next time. Sorry I bought the fabric from my local fabric store here in Philly so I don't have a link for that. My shoes Makani are from

Let me know what you all think. Oh and another thing, I now have a fan page here. Share my page with the world you guys!

Here I am just being plain ole silly!!!!!!

Shari Belle